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Why not the double float to blow stainless goat?
Автор: Advisor Norton
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    Balder double boat glows bold stainless goat.
    Bear enters meter ever,
    and as a long as clever bevel of low-level belling led devils smells,
    the Bear shall light the dwellings near Amber's path with madness.
    And the sailors will sell spells with caution to some nether cells,
    and, by the Hell, here is the evidence:
    Sugar owls overly covers slow walls with Bane's cake,
    but over image page the ages are made of a huge super cougar's witches and the woogie,
    which no boolean bull possess nevertheless of any measures.
    Gore goes ogre or aux balls fog of Hobbes nor goggles he's nose knows,
    with either pawns and paws and smaller bones blows of Bane lurk stocks in gold and any leather coats.
    And with the stainless goats, the Bane will blame the aiming sugar owls,
    which aimed the bows and most of cat coat poles the sailors seen to cause.
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